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New " standard " requirement ceramic tile does radioactivity pollution to detect
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On August 1, national construction ministry is much to carrying out 4 years " control of pollution of condition of core of room of civil construction project is normative " G B50235 - 2001 undertake end ministry edit and carry out, what include many to must be carried out strictly among them is mandatory article.

Does ceramic tile also have radioactivity pollution? Yes. A few inferior ceramic tile may produce radioactivity pollution, cause adverse effect to human body health. If a few ceramic tile produce an enterprise to decorate the effect for one-sided pursuit, raise the whiteness of adobe impression and adornment colorific contrast, in the raw material of ceramic tile excessive joins a few radioactivity taller mineral, the radioactivity dosage level that causes a product exceeds bid. New edition " standard " like asking to pledge with porcelain to interior decoration the brick is the same as granite material, undertake radioactivity detects with control.

New edition " standard " put forward to control the formaldehyde pollution inside concrete additive first, prevent semifinished product room the formaldehyde in indoor air exceeds bid. The bases of a lot of concrete additive is the condensate of sulphonate of scent a group of things with common features and formaldehyde, control of technology of the synthesis when if be in,be being produced is undeserved, the product contains many free formaldehyde very easily, create semifinished product room thereby the formaldehyde in indoor air exceeds bid.

In the meantime, new edition " standard " ask civil construction project is indoor the polyvinyl alcohol such as 107 glue sticky agent should be not used to shrink when decorating formaldehyde glue sticky agent, indoor the data of woodiness of wooden floor etc that in decorating, uses, forbidden use bitumen, coal tar kind anticorrosive, moistureproof inorganic agent.