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G3205 shower implement attestation of aquatic product of product moral integrity
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Number: Date of CSC/G 3205-2002 version: A modifies order: 0 win the bid attestation center makes public file town to live (service line of business) attestation of division aquatic product carries out shower of product of regular Wei Yu implement (summary) released on April 28, 2004 carried out on May 12, 2004

1.Suitable scope installs pipeline of cold inside building facilities hot water supply to go up, water supply pressure is not more than 0.6MPa, medium temperature issues used shower bath at 90 ℃ condition not quite implement. Product component is contact of mechanical, blame two kinds.

2.Attestation mode product examines after initiative factory careful seizes illness, supervise.

3.Main demand 1) attestation uses a level: Water of section of CJ 164-2002 of sealed water mouth life uses ceramics of GB 18145-2003 contented water appliance CJ/T 3081-1999 is not contact (electron) sanitary equipment of JC 886 of current technology requirement uses mouth of water of QB/T 1334-1998 of water supply appliance shower of tube JG/T 3008-1993 steps valve with mechanical foot 2) attestation unit differentiates: In principle with manufacturer bright shown product type applies for attestation, a model regards an attestation as unit. Product of same manufacturer, same type, but when manufacturing site is different, should regard different attestation as unit. 3) controlled component / material: Blame contact shower implement controlled component / material is electromagnetism a powerful person / electromotor, the controlled component of mechanical / material is tube.

4.The product examines 1) sample requirement: Every kinds of model is draw-out 5 sample, sampling base should not be less than 100. 2) sends appearance the principle: Application product should be enterprise dominant product; Inside before applying for attestation 3 months, percent of pass of product routine inspection test 100% .

5.Initiative factory examines a factory should press CCEC/T03 " ability of factory product warranty asks " undertake. The scale of production according to the factory and the complex rate that apply the amount of attestation product and product, examine person day number certainly.

6.Attestation result evaluation and approval attestation center are in charge of an organization examining to the product, the factory examines a result to undertake be evaluatinged integratedly, after the opinion is qualified, just issue letter of energy-saving product certification to application by attestation center, just sign attestation certificate and mark to use agreement with application, conduction mark is used, the matters concerned such as attestation announcement.

7.After obtaining evidence, supervise obtain evidence can supervise with planning year after 6 months, spent supervised time interval to be 12 months every second year, supervise those who include faculty of factory product warranty examine the sampling inspection that reachs the product that obtain evidence.
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