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The industry plans -- ceramics industry enters buddhist city to have restriction
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It is reported, according to preliminary the ceramics industry program that establish, ceramic will be made produce the admittance program of the enterprise inside Fosan buddhist the city zone. Admittance condition cardinal principle is as follows: One, reservation of company of production of floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain must achieve inside the area: The production value before December 2007 100 million RMB. Begin annual produce to achieve 200 million yuan of above from 2008 (contain 200 million yuan) RMB, the production value of enterprise of brick of specific special type can not suffer this to be restricted. Have the company that develops innovation ability. Lowermost evaluation condition is to have an above every year (contain) the new product that carries appraisal about the branch via city class above. Have the brand that province, city, country issues, the country avoids check product, the enterprise such as ISO14000 attestation. Year of crop of the product factory price of product of above of 3 million square metre (changeless 2005 price) wall brick not under 18 yuan of RMBs / square metre, floor tile not under 20 yuan of RMBs / square metre. Average the use gross area of every product line (include storehouse) not prep above 30 mus (add up to 19980 square metre) , the land that is used at production to manage every mus of production value not under 3 million yuan of RMBs. The emission that produces a business must reach the level that branch of urban environmental protection asks. Industrial sanitation, ambient conditions is harsh incapable the whole inside 3 months person that cure and amount to mark, should stop production.

2, clean of sanitation of pottery and porcelain has manufacturing company: Production value not under 30 million yuan of RMBs. Porcelain of the product all valence not under 200 yuan of RMBs / . Emission achieves environmental protection completely to ask.

3, artistic pottery and porcelain produces a business: The emission that wants a company only achieves what environmental protection asks completely to all can stay inside the area to set factory production.

4, product of other pottery and porcelain produces a business: Take into consideration the circumstances is examined and approve, but the regulation that must abide by environmental protection to ask.