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China builds convention of self-discipline of wholesome ceramics industry
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Since China enters a life, wholesome to the building industry offerred opportunity, also posed a challenge at the same time. Most outstanding is the problem of intellectual property, market action is non-standard, price unfair competition, talent undermine the foundation is serious, fake the product is banned repeatedly more than etc. Played havoc with the competitive order of the industry, affect the international figure of the industry, the health of block trade develops in order. For the behavior of normative industry, creation China creates the good figure in the international market and position, prevent malign competition. Special formulate " China builds convention of self-discipline of wholesome ceramics industry " (the following abbreviation " convention " ) , abide by in order to offer a trade jointly.
The first to maintain national interest, to maintain industry whole interest, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise, according to " standard of quality of product of People's Republic of China " , " People's Republic of China opposes unfair competition law " (the protective law of intellectual property) concern a section with the country " the concerned regulation that controls oneself about strengthening an industry " , tailor-made definitive edition " convention " .
The 2nd China builds society of wholesome pottery and porcelain is be engaged in architectural pottery, wholesome clean having product and production of product of relevant form a complete set by the whole nation, manage, scientific research, design, school enterprise or business the industry sex blame that the unit comprises of one's own accord seeks profits organization of sexual society intermediary, it is administration of autonomic sex trade, be in charge of those who organize pact of trade of one's own profession making, revise, release carry out, undertake supervisory to the executive circumstance of convention, examination and management.
The 3rd every academician and home are engaged in production, manage, research design architectural pottery, wholesome clean provides the look forward to that reachs product of relevant form a complete set, institution to should observe this pact.
The 4th law laws and regulations that should abide by a country seriously, regulations reachs a regulation, accept the supervisory government of government and trade department self-consciously, manage legally, illuminate stamp pay taxes.
The 5th should implement national level and occupation standard strictly, build sound quality guarantee system, do not sell fake with tort product, accomplish rejected product not to leave factory.
The 6th is established " the user is consummate " concept, before doing good carry out, carry out medium, after service, abide by a contract, safeguard legitimate rights and interests of the client self-consciously.
Course of study of the 7th one's own profession is enterprise or business the unit should be respected self-consciously and defend intellectual property. Should get achievement of science and technology, patent technology, new product, new material, new technology, new facility with legal means, support the undesirable action of patternmaking copy and piracy.
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