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What character, graph must not serve as brand to use
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(1) the national name that is the same as People's Republic of China, ensign, national emblem, vexillary, decoration is identical approximate perhaps.
(2) vexillary and the national name that is the same as a foreign country, ensign, national emblem, identical approximate perhaps.
(3) its banner that organizes with the international between the government, badge is written down, the title is same approximate perhaps.
(4) with " Red Cross " , " red crescent " mark, title is same approximate perhaps.
(5) the current name of this commodity and graph. Be like " bicycle " (use product: Bicycle)
(6) of the quality that shows ware directly, main raw material, function, utility, quality, amount and other characteristic. For example: Canful (appoint use commodity: Eight treasures congee)
(7) contain a nation to discriminate against a gender. For example: Indian (use commodity: Wholesome clean is provided)
(8) exaggerated conduct propaganda contains beguiling sex. For example: I am bought was opposite! (appoint use commodity: Bedspread)
(9) fashion of deleterious socialism morality perhaps has other and undesirable effect. Be like: Landlord, the emperor of Japan, PLAY GIRL (meaning: Dissolute young woman) , 2 rooms, spring palace, Shaolin Temple, blessing rub Sa FORMOSA (meaning: Colonialism of old times Holand person the appellation to our country Taiwan) .
(10) the place name of division into districts of administration of prefectural class above or the foreign place name with witting public, but the except that place name has other meaning.