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Fosan pottery and porcelain: Fierce Chi Sun of е of こ of commonplace of Qian o
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Today's Fosan ceramics, the double choice that faced the market and administrative power inevitably, but its are different land development as a result jointly. In fact, no matter be Dong Peng, new in such government offers the source " give aid to expand " a batch, still have favour general by " transform promotion " a batch, or is more misfortune " move falls into disuse " a batch, must outward and outspread oneself yield can, rely on crop small profits but quick turnover especially model enterprise.

Install high to Jiangxi from Fosan, this is one is as long as the way that the industry of 1000 kilometers changes. This span, to a lot of ceramics industry employers, from company finance affairs for actual strength, be cannot the space of exceed is apart from at the same time, from the point of the operation ability of the enterprise, more cannot the administrative demon barrier of exceed.

Make ceramics headquarters economy, should wait for the decision-making, research and development of the enterprise, sale namely " soft actual strength " reservation is in Fosan, and production the workshop shifts cost lower the place that perhaps is close to the sources of energy and raw material more goes.

The consequence with such the most immediate generation is, enterprise policymaker cannot resemble going special in that way undertake to producing a workshop conveniently " visual managing " (go up in manufacturing management, "Visual managing " it is a kind of very important management method, here, the intervening that we basically use this concept to state policymaker opposite produces government) net of pottery and porcelain of the Fosan on industry of ceramics of understanding of understanding Fosan pottery and porcelain. For perambulatory in the factory to a lot of habits industry employer, manufacturing management cannot " visual " , what cannot hear a machine is plangent, cannot see the look of the product immediately, besides the uneasiness that brings mentally, it is a kind of challenge on administrative thinking more.

Of course, be good at " visual " boss, it is very easy in a few intuition from the spot, the problem that discovers technology of manufacturing management, production or the problem of the product, this is the advantage of factory director boss and self-confidence, also be here the actual portraiture of employer of industry of a lot of ceramics.

The ceramics of Fosan, with bead the improvement trade of other place is having trigonometry vast difference, it is the market that ceramics industry has him completely, and, preeminent company shows the height to the market to control capacity. This, the policymaker of requirement enterprise, besides should weigh production, heavy quality (the craft sex of pottery and porcelain, general inconvenience undertakes Oem) , weigh construction of market information, heavy channel even. That is to say, ceramics industry must can finish " the market - research and development - production - the market " the administrative control of this cirque.
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