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Ceramics industry momentum is successful hope place
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Although Beijing Olympic Games ended, but leave compatriots too much and too much reflection. After watching the women's volleyball game that fix eyes upon, feeling is the deepest should be the sort of imposing manner on competition ground, be defeated thin to also depend on imposing manner two words. On group contest, china is right Cuba, United States, below score and the case with before two lead bureaus, still was defeated finally. And when contending for bronze medal with Cuba team, in seesaw battle China defeated Cuba finally, won a precious medal. This is the result that Chinese team had imposing manner. Because,the ball losing in front is stage fright, come up against adversary to dare be not hit, because whats are afraid of,peak loop turns from the back is, had undaunted mind. In those days old women's volleyball, be recumbent brave of this kind of imposing manner is seized 5 Lian Guan. The match of the women's volleyball, no matter what do to want to have a kind of imposing manner,the inspiration that gives us is, do not be afraid of be defeated, had this kind of imposing manner to be able to have successful hope.

Return real life, thorough ceramics industry, actually this kind of imposing manner also behaves the process that grows in the enterprise in. Of the development of the enterprise, product sell or of the brand build, want to facing various competition, should enrol too with the person of the same trade odd even carry. In competition of product of pottery and porcelain so intense situation falls, want to be in the person of the same trade remain invincible, must want to have a kind of fearless mind, with respect to the dual meet that goes up as be in volleyball competition ground. Without imposing manner, dare not move, serve be not sent, the ball does not have catching to be about to lose cent, cent is lost much lose a ball namely a road. Same, if the enterprise is faced,other pressure also dare not go Pan goes wrestle, do not have successful assurance. Review the business of pottery and porcelain of Fosan and even whole nation, those are done do strong business greatly, perhaps depend on what unripe calf is not afraid that the imposing manner with one action of the tiger is successful first in the beginning of do poineering work, perhaps hold those who decide the get victory of state of mind that I thin surely in the arms in be managed daily, perhaps manage in the enterprise namely again in be in predicament, fight with his back to the river-fight to win or die wait a moment to what give tight encirclement. These a few kinds of successful types, outside notting have have the imposing manner that is not afraid of namely. No matter encounter what difficulty, no matter how the competitor is formidable, it is precipitant, till the success till.

Want to form a kind of imposing manner, a kind of indomitable spirit, get the thing that has 3 levels, is a kind of simple strong interest not just.

The first, want to have a copy kept as a record, this is the first pace, resemble the start of a race in ran. Want to have integral quality to the enterprise, this is a foundation also be essential. If your whats are no good, using is ability is inferior to a person for cant, how be being compared again in a class also is no good. This is like quality of enterprise dimensions, professional technology, product, sale channel, management concept in each respects with respect to requirement enterprise, external the respect such as the service compares other company to be gotten the better of a bit one prepare is the most marvellous even, accomplish talk with the product, with client base oneself upon. Had made essential technique only, just have the sth used to one's own advantage that is the same as an argue, ability lays next solid foundations to compete.
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