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Position:home>Marketing Planning>" of industry of cereal city ceramics reachs the designated position 3 times " i
" of industry of cereal city ceramics reachs the designated position 3 times " i
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In recent years, industry of ceramics of Hubei cereal city develops circular economy and tie of environmental processing photograph in development process lieutenant general, the science that pays attention to industrial economy and zoology environment coordinates development, with " energy-saving, fall bad news, decrease platoon, synergism " for the target, firm is caught " 3 reach the designated position " , ceaseless innovation industry develops pattern, carry out clean production, achieved enterprise benefit and social beneficial result double winning objective.

Catch conduct propaganda to close to understanding reachs the designated position. Industry of cereal city ceramics is used brief, blackboard signs up for and a variety of forms such as all sorts of conferences undertake to cadre worker energy-saving the study that decreases a platoon publicizes education, the organization goes to the pottery and porcelain such as rich of Zi of Guangdong Fosan, Shandong to develop about personnel of management, technology area study visiting company is being treated corrupt the successful experience of the respect, make everybody takes seriously on the thought energy-saving decrease a platoon, support on the action energy-saving decrease a platoon.

Catch management to close to responsibility reachs the designated position. To make sure science uses resource reasonably the sources of energy is mixed reduce pollution, industry of cereal city ceramics from strengthen management to set out, the energy-saving job decreasing a platoon that held water to head with company controller leads group and target assessment to run a group, made the energy-saving plan that decrease a platoon, built the management with one meticulous and rigorous a complete set of and assessment system, perfected each content bad news, specific power consumption, environmental protection and cost quota system.

Catch ability to change hurried measure to reach the designated position. In recent years, industry of cereal city ceramics throws capital to discharge the key link that uses up with the sources of energy to give in dust early or late key processing and monitoring, change through resource use firm useless, second birth is changed use useless heat, loop to turn use waste water, decrease quantify control to use waste gas, use flotsam as raw material, abandon boiler circulation to use, more than heat undertakes reclaiming, waste gas is used at dry, make waste gas, liquid waste, flotsam, useless heat this in former days source of a few big pollution was in company of Gu Chengtao porcelain to become a few big treasure nowadays, realized the energy-saving synergism that decrease a platoon thereby, created remarkable economic benefits and social benefit, the development that is an industry sought a way that can develop continuously.