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Fosan pottery and porcelain adjusts a few problems that in promoting a process,
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Fosan pottery and porcelain adjusts promotion, no matter take up a political career,government office level or industry level are the crucial seat that in last few years Fosan pottery and porcelain develops. Especially two years Fosan municipal government adjusts promotion respect pour into in Fosan pottery and porcelain recently much labor power did much work, also obtained a few positive result, but now look back on, fosan pottery and porcelain adjusts promotion still is to existing in the process a few problems. Main show is in these problems:

1, the meticulous program with the wholer lack in adjusting promotion. Fosan pottery and porcelain develops up to now, encounter energy-saving the bottleneck that decreases a platoon, main reason also is the development program with the whole lack in developing a process. 50% what output of period of peak of Fosan pottery and porcelain approximates countrywide share, there still is the share of countrywide 30-40% now, but do not have area of garden of potter course of study all the time, already inextricability concentration the problem of air feed, also cannot use clean the sources of energy in the round, also delimit without code sewage centers processing. And promotion is adjusted to lack meticulous program likewise in Fosan pottery and porcelain of nearly two years, although the government finished what announced May April this year " industry of Fosan city ceramics develops a program (2008 ~ 2015) " , not only relatively the job that the government offers to adjust promotion Fosan pottery and porcelain in the round (or say: Of Fosan ceramics industry close stop turn) lag a year many, and did not involve specific industrial distribution almost, till this year August, the program distribution that just promotes the industry mentions a desktop to go up. Began to consider to be in district of brillant, 3 water a few days ago area of garden of industry of ceramics of program high-quality goods, visible program is clear lag adjusts promotion job;

2, the uniform energy-saving standard that decrease a platoon is lacked in adjusting promotion. This year 4, the government was finished May announce " structural adjustment of industry of Fosan city ceramics evaluates direct program " apparent also lag, partial area presses down a government to still raise the requirement of review system, the executive strength that stops enterprise and reservation enterprise to reach those who help actor up to help strong company to closing is abhorrent also. Be in many areas is to be concerned first stop company list, have after that " evaluate direct program " carry out, apparent effect executes the law fairly;

3, close certainly stop company list to lack enough diaphaneity. Special in 7 years of phase, fosan ceramics industry shuts stop company list to be in half confidential condition all the time. What care most in those days is the nonlocal government of the upriver supplier of the enterprise that build contented and capital attraction, although guild scarcely witting and affirmatory involve the level that stays company list and program, but faint feeling has some of place to define list according to scale, if such, should be insufficient science;
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