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Austere ceramics industry wants the condition catenary of the capital in vigilan
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Adjust in national estate policy, the bank tightens up the general trends of money to fall, large quantities of one estate companies are faced with very austere, the challenge that life and death lives or die, because of the ceramics industry related this and estate height, also be very difficult place oneself outside spending, but wait for a reason as a result of industrial move, ceramics industry must outward ground is outspread, but in outspread process must the financial condition according to oneself, control good dilate spend and rhythm, it is in case in fast dilate of capital catenary rupture.

The crisis of real-estate industry will bring severe impact to potter course of study, it is market demand can get above all bigger impact, had seen the story that industry profit margin drops, the message that agency closes also from time to tome hearsay, the management environment of whole manufacturing industry is worsening, "The circumstance of manufacturing industry is very abominable, 7 years the profit of whole manufacturing industry is 2 % , 8 years the circumstance can worsen continuously only " , (The Lang Xianping speech on forum of New Year of economy of 8 years of China) , and, estate has lag sex to the influence of other industry, because this people is gone to,contact did not feel, the crisis will come, because find oneself is good, often can see trade of pottery and porcelain, in the report with high-key and outspread inland, of investment, those who cover an area of is big, arrived surprising degree, want to know the profit of ceramics industry and taxation, industry of home appliance of be not a patch on (the rich customer that sees Zhang Xuezhi " potter course of study does not have old scene " ) , because of the management outstanding achievement of this ceramics industry, can't support this kind of outspread dimensions and rate, after logical explanation encircled the ground namely, covert carry estate, already should be in the enterprise in estate encircle a city so, be in for " Qian Huang " and when bitter struggles, we do not have capital already, do not have experience again, depend on the destiny completely the loan that is in a bank to go up (had heard the bank declined a big company, the loan of outer new base applies for, want to know the bank can be perfected only, they are won't of provide timely help) , can be you done weller than there is a company in encircle a city? And the gain that this kind of diversity that crosses a trade manages a meeting to reduce trade of pottery and porcelain via one pace, because dilate of this kind of blind is it is dangerous to reach its, capital catenary can rupture at any time, the company goes broke likely minute minutes, because go bankrupt to often happen in the enterprise of fast dilate, 3 individual plant, giant, qin Chi is such, hope our ceramics industry wants do according to one's abilities, want to had made the cash flow meter that calculate, in case cash shedding ruptures, want a this industry move to regard the opportunity that upgrade as at the same time, and the dilate that measures not merely, in cost pressure greater and greater topological features falls, more dedicated raise additional cost at the product, the ready money that manages health flows, become a macrobian company.
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