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The road of break out of an encirclement of predicament of terminal of pottery a
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Contemporary ceramics industry, no matter be rack one's brains,changing pattern loiter culture, the purpose has only, that is a sale. Those who change character, everything serves for the sale.

Sell pattern and talk, criterion no more than is sold continuously with distribute. It is with be being sold continuously exemple, seek the collaboration with estate business actively to get effective fast, but what hold share not quite, the anticipation that opens market of shop straight face the effect is ideal, put in the ability not equal to one's ambition on capital and management again however. Watch distribute instead, already was the mature choice that business circles of pottery and porcelain agrees with generally it seems that. When the distribute of pottery and porcelain that examines agency system seriously, still can discover such or in that way problem, feedback lag, management does not fulfil for example information to reach the designated position, face the market to be in passivity to wait a moment, quite much but.

Reveal all sorts of problems at terminal, refract the administrative soft costal region that gives ceramics industry to go up in terminal. And once the effectiveness of terminal is restricted, the enterprise faces vicissitude of the market to cannot make judgement quickly, adjust, look prohibit the market, do not seize business chance, in depression of confused relay add even await one's doom. And this, nature is the situation that Chinese ceramics wishs to see least of all.

Know to say " the palm accuses terminal " , know the palm controls terminal interest far-reaching, it is specific and significant move is little only little. The contented look forward to before if says is thinking all the time, with think will precipitate deepness and saving force, should build up to blow now so the hour of date!

The expression of terminal concerns enterprise destiny, break cannot small gaze. Broad ceramics industry tastes the respect such as research and development newly in attention while, more want none lax grip terminal. Will the palm accuses terminal and guide its to move toward through many dimension method, avoid all sorts of problems, stimulative standard develops, make its make the edge tool of market of Tao Qizhi face truly.

Terminal out of control desire fast do not amount to

Enterprise for market of better race to control, meeting choice offers range of straight keep shop in other province city or often seek distribute associate. Face of straight keep shop because hold post of staff member itself at this enterprise, on management even if is put in now and then beyond the reach of one's power, will tell on the whole won't break away from commonly set course beforehand. More expression are in terminal out of control the agency respect of agency system.

It is market information feedback not seasonable or muddle through one's work, cause ceramics industry to cannot be in collect for a short while, arrange accurate, useful trade news. Show a ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye of market it may be said under economic system, information can miss business chance at the competitor latish. The word that uses Zhang Ailing says, cry " sing sang board, do not follow to go up the Hu Qin of life " . The enterprise is in of information natural resources get even if,go up only slow one pace, most also can produce the dominoes effect that degree differs. because of deep know well this, this one board, who does not rise slow.
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