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Ceramics industry channel is faced with conformity the 3rd times
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In the market dispirited circumstance falls, a war that contends for resource of more and high grade channel already start shooting, but in this contention battle, whole ceramics industry puts delay however market pace, a lot of enterprises choose strategic defence even, be immersed in predicament in the center and cannot extricate oneself, ceramics industry channel is faced with conformity the 3rd times

Show according to authoritative statistic data, estate investment will compress half above this year, shenzhen compresses 56 % , because Guangzhou basically relies on a room to borrow before, after money is constrictive, compressed 60 % , northward instead some places compression ratio is less. Ceramics industry whole sells chain to present exhausted state, how to seek new market point of growth, promotion industry grows a space to become the proposition of life and death that is placed before numerous ceramics industry. According to investigation, at present access of ceramics industry sale basically comes from supermarket of storefront, chain, project to purchase, domestic outfit company is purchased, estate is purchased and burgeoning net is bought wait for mode. Make with traditional sell on commission different is, these sale access are pressing need channel is compressed change, direct butt joint is relevant product consumer.

Graphic: Current, our country builds dimensions of market of wholesome ceramics industry to be 500 billion yuan of RMBs about. Traditional dominance channel, namely professional market storefront mode, held the share that is less than a half, gross about 230 billion yuan. The sale market of other basically is in centrally invisible channel, include a costume (tool) design firm, engineering company is purchased, estate is purchased etc.

The traditional storefront in 01 professional markets places booth mode

In mode of this one channel, year sale 230 billion yuan, chain is sold to go up in whole industry, had been less than a half, this means traditional storefront the sale has begun to glide, and more it is to undertake product and brand image are revealed. In this kind of traditional pattern, sale basically relies on retail sales retail give priority to. Lead to make sure the rich sex of the product and market are enclothed, the businessman storefront that takes this one pattern does bigger more, product inventory is increasing, retail sales staff member increases ceaselessly, gain is smaller and smaller however, especially of hire of nearly two years of retail sales rise, make the big mountain that is pressed on businessman body. According to our newspaper investigation, at present outspread speed has presented businessman storefront slow down trend, sale also increasingly acute is decreased, tradesman has not followed to go up tide.

02 building materials interlink supermarket mode

From inside the watch, we can see, the product that ceramics industry sells through building materials supermarket has 35 billion yuan only. Chain supermarket is faddish with each passing day inside the industry, numerous enterprise and businessman also are to establish person specially assigned for a task of special section, group to open a KA to sell, and become ceramics company the main component of stereo channel, but the expression on the market is inferior to person meaning however, earn cry out not to make money only. The occurrence of supermarket of building materials chain is ceramics industry to sell in major new development space was sought outside field, but do not get attention because of ceramics industry itself, force of ceramics company brand is insufficient, add an enterprise to sell a management experience inadequacy, numerous enterprise folds halberd to interlink a supermarket. In fact, because chain supermarket cost entering the arena is high, settle accounts of payment for goods is slow, quite partial ceramics industry still does not have requirement entering the arena.
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