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"Village official agent " when to inspire what give pottery and porcelain the in
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A few days ago, when I am chatting with the friend, he speaks of inadvertently at present the competitive posture of feed industry. He says, × enterprise for market of race to control first machine, when they are selecting an agent, the target locks up the secretary of a Party or League branch that decide a village and village entirely appoint conference chairman, the result is less than time of a year, unexpectedly the big boss this industry " big feed " to sufferred a defeat.

From theoretic tell, × enterprise was to make full use of the village officer natural resources of each district. No matter be village secretary of a Party or League branch or village appoint conference chairman, they have the appeal power that comparative in this village, choice they become feed agent among them, it is optimal person selected absolutely. Can be imagined, " big " brand force also does not spend village official greatly greatly again the consequence in villager memory, its failure nature is the thing of perfectly justified.

In ceramics industry, when a lot of enterprises are seeking an agent, often emphasizing agency must be to have the old hand from already check, look this kind of formulation also is not absolutely. Someone says, choose agency of brand shop of pottery and porcelain, optimal person selected is from foreland " retire " the barbershop daughter of return to one's native place, they not only glib, and return concept lead; Someone says, select potter Cheng agent, optimal person selected is stylist of the dean of local building designing institute, brunt or its relative, there is construction project not only in their hand, and there still is word issue right before construction unit leader; Return somebody to say, select the agent of architectural pottery, optimal person selected is boss of before place 3 domestic outfit company, went to the lavatory not only so owner, and still enhanced stylist to be spent to the faithfulness of some brand.

By this token, when the enterprise is selecting an agent, should the product characteristic according to oneself, not stick to one pattern, choose as far as possible most the person of user of terminal of press close to becomes an agent. Can reduce a lot of promotion expenses not only so, and promote the effect to still be met more apparent.