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"It is essential that company of 6 1" ceramics grows continuously
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It is essential that look forward to of efficient and integrated contented develops continuously

"6 1 " industrial catenary namely products plan, raw material is purchased, storage is carried, order processing, wholesale manage, terminal is retail make.

Distinguished economist Lang Xianping pointed out recently, at present market competition had developed the times of industrial catenary war, labor cost no longer important. What any enterprises attempt to continue to use China is cheap labour force moves toward a success, basically succeed hard. Man is with Bobby baby exemple, the factory price of Bobby baby is 1 dollar, but the retail prices in American Wo Erma is 9.99 dollars, approach 10 dollars. Of 10 dollars trade the factory price that the price reduces 1 dollar, how are the 9 dollars among to create those who come out? "6 1 " medium " 6 " the weak link that creates 9 dollars namely. Bobby baby is in production process, labor cost has 0.25 dollars only, so labor cost takes whole industry cable length only 2.5% of total cost, cheap labor is far from important in industrial catenary, had done not have an advantage but character.

In light of the viewpoint with man, ceramics industry wants to break through at present predicament, do not be in again " 6 1 " " 1 " on continue make an issue of, do not be in again " 1 " on do an industry to upgrade, the facility with new entrance and be in again " 1 " go up dozen of brand strategy, should from " 1 " enter " 6 " , do the conformity of industrial catenary. Do the efficient conformity of good industry catenary only, make the market fast reactor, just be the key that manufacturing industry develops a tight encirclement.

"6 1 " efficient and integrated economic and unused resource

The premise according to Lang Xianping is current the crisis of ceramics industry is the enterprise still is in " 1 " above concentrate one's efforts, and did not think of " 6 1 " the efficient conformity of industrial catenary. The better has Shenzhen Fuji that our country's current business does in efficient and integrated respect health. Fuji health be to do OEM computer generation to be versed in. Why what it does is good, and is the OEM of ceramics industry so hard? Lang Xianping teachs e.g. , the first, he makes example of mobile phone crust is a few hours only, and other plant wants 3 days two. Next, fuji Kang Hezhi adds the company between elder brother at the same time start working, and linkage is formed between Chicago, chicago of breath of Fuji Kang Xiu works, fuji health when working, Chicago rests, such Fuji health it is job of 24 hours. The 3rd, this company replenish onr's stock uses EMI system, other plant can do 3 days two only forecast, and Fuji health what can do 12 hours however is accurate forecast, accordingly its goods in stock is almost 0. In addition, because its factory is set by of big client, the inventory of shipment also is almost 0.

"The product line with ceramics unused industry is so much, why we build a plant even, come so, employee is much, be in charge of more hard; Again criterion, our sale group still does not expand, quality still remains to rise, we get from inside big company a few edificatory, that is we want to go every day why on earth extend, already a lot of product line are placed over, be in a kind of situation that begs for be more than obviously, so our ceramics industry can cooperate, have respective resource integrated? 5 stop over e.g. our polishing line, the glaze line of others stops 8 over, we can with goods exchange goods. Unite the strategy, do well tactics next, this ability raises ability of meet an emergency finally make full use of unused resource. " senior personage says the trade.
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