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Domestic ceramics industry bore how much needless cost
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Last week, weekly of pottery and porcelain was rolled out " rise and fall from building city ability of meet an emergency of look forward to seeing contented " special subject report, mention among them: Room of Guangdong empty buy appeared to grow; to occupy bureau of canal of Guangzhou city land additionally to came 2008 considerably first 5 years 5 years housing built 10 divisions 2012 mention in the program: Arrive since this year 2012, 10 areas of Guangzhou will build housing the least 42.13 million square metre, will build seventy-four thousand two hundred safeguard housing the least. In respect of international building city, the data shows: In Vietnam Hu Zhiming city, local market has very big growth to the residence and office architectural demand, foreign capital is in estate also of capital flow and square property loan rise, take off what stimulated new bldg. greatly again. Additional, in last few years, the housing construction amount of Russia appeared swift and violent growth, market of commercial real estate becomes more inviting.

This week, the reporter understands when continueing to pay close attention to the pertinent information of estate, whole of market of estate of near future Guangzhou is developing to good way, consumptive confidence already began regression. Add up to rich brilliant and chief analyst Mr Li Wenjiang to analyse, guangzhou building city clinchs a deal quantity general enlarge, rigid demand will be in large-scale in September release. Occupy an investigation additionally to show, want the price to adjust only reach the designated position, be depressed the long already demand that buy a house appears probably erupt. In addition, guangzhou serves as south the core window that China communicates external, the Olympic Games welcomed new opportunity for estate development, office building of international high end enters the main actor arena of market of Guangzhou office building again.

And recently, 10 thousand people buy Shenzhen the attention that the incident of room group caused height again...

Review above case, although many people still show,still manage money to current building city wait-and-see, but, nevertheless, the whole nation that head waits in above sea, Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou each are big city, still many construction projects are going in for sth in a large scale building... face such topological features, regard pottery and porcelain as the enterprise, it is to should clutch originally good luck, energetically between development and project good " the fate brings lovers together " . As we have learned, in Shanghai field, quite the building materials enterprise of one part already amounted to 30% above in the rate on project sale, change of this kind of development is adumbrative project sale greets golden age...

However, be in this " the person that get a project gets the world " Bo Yizhong, ceramics industry why however " dejected " ? To this, the reporter is in public figure of trade of contented of listen respectfully part when an ego summary that makes to whole industry, understand suddenly, actually, in a lot of moment, created market of pottery and porcelain today's " low fan " , greatly, the fault; that is not others instead, it is a bitter pill to swallow of brew of ceramics industry oneself, its bore as a result really too much needless cost.
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