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Off-season talent reserve shows ceramics company actual strength
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Suffer effect of international country macroscopical economy, "Busy season not flourishing, off-season weaker " became our country built 1 ~ July 2008 the portraiture with true condition of operation of whole of contented course of study.

Really, the international market suffers second borrow the crisis, dollar to devalue, violent wind of international crude price rises the negative effect that waits for place to bring, and home moves low exit drawback, home builds the manufacturing cost such as Tao Nengyuan, raw material to rise considerably, add year of country to publish policy of a series of macroscopical adjusting control, its action is shown gradually this year, enter especially 6, since July, manufacturing cost tall look forward to suffers on, estate suffers to go low to reach national money market below constrictive wait for an influence, body the feature with ceramics the most apparent now industry is to sell whole to glide, some enterprises glide even 40 ~ 50% , stock keep long in stock is bigger and bigger, capital shedding is increasingly nervous, appeared even partial company shuts stop current situation of partial product line, cause enterprise interior popular feeling to drift...

Compare in adversity those who go all out is the dimensional application promotion that control, advanced design and later stage measure to producing quality since the enterprise is long-term, the company comprehensive strength such as perfect sale network and service. Clean out sand in this sea in advancing, a batch of a person of foresight have a mind which perceives both past and future enterprise and industrialist alone, they see grim economic situation not only, also saw the opportunity that coexists with the challenge at the same time, then they undertake skill grooms actively lay in with the talent, for new round more the competition of incomplete intense makes sufficient preparation.

No matter how competitive form changes, market competition in the final analysis is the talent's competition. Because of carrier of person since technology, also be the principal part that industry technology innovates and serves innovation at the same time. New benefit achieves produce and sale in adversity into pottery and porcelain two flourishing, and take advantage of an opportunity rolls out fixed position high end " one adds one " new brand, drew the wide attention of many sale talented people and trade public figure; The strategy of second half of the year of put forth effort of company of coronal star ceramics is adjusted and spread out large-scale to agency and employee skill to groom; Hui Mojia pottery and porcelain is the sale agency grooms more the service comes...

Controller of coronal star pottery and porcelain expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, current ceramics industry sells whole to glide is the fact that exists objectively, who can have been done actively in this adversity induct a talent to lay in a talent, can have augment company not only fresh " blood " incentive popular feeling, can attract well socially more and outstanding talent (include agency join in. Coronal star company internally aggrandizement is right agency) service, external employer of main aggrandizement agency manages train of thought to develop, and groom to the technology of business of business manager aggrandizement of agency.
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