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Pottery and porcelain? Own innovation ability just has new situation!
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Went more than 20 years, the product line of colour glair brick that China introduces the 1st times from Italian all fronts and the clean that introduce from Germany provide product line also already " retreat firmly " went down, only its open introduced meaning and engineering technology to circulate now, to initiate the modern new phase of industry of Chinese architectural pottery, be traditional pottery and porcelain transform promotion to make significant contribution. 339 years ago, china spent much foreign currency to be introduced from the country such as Japan, Germany roll machine of kiln of press, channel, experienced mud, desiccator to wait for daily expense pottery and porcelain to produce equipment, major objective already became useless rubbish, partial thing use consecutively was not used last time, some more exclusive technical craft enlightenment compatriots and reservation comes down.

Two branches once executed Chinese architectural pottery and daily expense porcelain to be introduced from abroad, daily expense porcelain is a few earlier than building Tao Hai time, but the fact explains, two effect is to differ very big. Essential difference has 2: It is to build the engineering technology that Tao Yin advances to have at the tradition relatively innovate revolutionarily and have feasibility; 2 be build contented introduce more attention the talent grooms and technology. Be in in those days below the condition, you Zhonglun company takes the lead, in installment group by group no less than 349 people that speak or sing alternately grooms to foreign company. Carry out a proof, only good engineering technology adds person ability to give gain.

Go up century 90 time around, it is Chinese traditional ceramics is executed introduce, digest, absorb, homebred change strategy most the period of be current. Core or " imitate " . The result is to have a progress just. Arrived to go up at the beginning of century end this century, after entering own innovation phase, whole situation just has huge to change, china becomes clean of world architectural pottery, pottery and porcelain to provide, the manufacturing country with the biggest installation of pottery and porcelain of sanitation of porcelain of daily expense art, building, consumption country and exit country. Explain having innovation engineering technology just is the traction that the industry grows again.

The crucial equipment that brick of pottery and porcelain produces is full automatic hydraulic pressure controls bricky machine, why is China made so good, can show itself in international competition crushing a lot of famous match, because introduced limited unit to parse law,that is can own undertake designing, introduce prestressing force to twine a technology to solve press frame problem, introduced a lot of including of hydraulic pressure, sealed, monitor, pilot the achievement of modern science and technology that waits inside comes in. Anyhow, because innovate,still be of the gender solved technical issue to just have today's situation.
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