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Brick of pottery and porcelain of international fashion colour is like stone to
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Household decorates a style to do not have calm situation, pure and fresh nature is rural wind, romantic only beautiful mediterranean, luxuriant make public is classic wind. In " Ma Kebo collect high end of favorite pottery and porcelain designs forum " on, the expert puts forward, although decorate a style differently the requirement to ceramic tile is endless and identical, but no matter which are planted style, want to hold good design, design and color, shop to stick 3 main way. Pass pair of Nobel, horse but the understanding of the well-known trademark ceramic tile such as pineapple, Dong Peng, summary gives trend of the following design.

International fashion colour is used at ceramic tile design

In all building materials products, it is the fastest that the design and color of ceramic tile and design change, brand of of all kinds this year ceramic tile will pay attention to the diversification demand of consumer more, conform with international on dimension, design and color, simple sense, international fashion colour and colour collocation means introduces home market.

Begin from renaissance period, italian art is fixed eyes upon by common people place. Italy lives in a design, especially the cosmopolitan place that ceramic tile designs. Pair of meaning type designs are more in the ceramic tile brand of scan widely home imitate, only brand of a few a few a gleam of takes the design of ceramic tile seriously quite. The brand such as Nobel can send many stylist every year, the attend in a advanced studies of industry of top class ceramic tile such as the ESMALGLASS that heads for Italy, BONET learns.

Inferior smooth brick restoring ancient ways is like stone of stone and rather than

This year, of color of primitive simplicity inferior smooth brick restoring ancient ways is element of the most welcome ceramic tile adornment. Brand of very much famous ceramic tile also rolls out brick of series restoring ancient ways in succession, "A place of strategic importance Shang Yin is resembled " to adornment the industry blew wind restoring ancient ways.

Top-ranking brick restoring ancient ways, the color of general facing and grain are " copy is old be like really old, stone of the and rather than that be like stone " . Have such brick restoring ancient ways only, in with log act the role ofing material, cloth radical acts the role of the natural material such as material tie-in decorate when, ability enters the state with long continous of a kind of natural of primitive simplicity, lasting appeal.

The facing of brick restoring ancient ways resembles the flag of old decency, looking is natural form have the roughness with angular arris, feeling is flowing glaze however. With this kind brick restoring ancient ways decorates metope and ground, not only elegance of of primitive simplicity, and bricky face is not stuck corrupt, easy swab, the wearability of exterior glair layer is tall.

The shop sticks means to advocate free individual character
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