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The fruit juice that collect a source is bought to cause Tao Qishen to think of
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On September 22 morning, buddha Shandong roc clean provides Inc. to be held ceremoniously in its headquarters exhibition hall with " Wei Yu brand becomes the nation self-improvement " the press conference that gives priority to a problem. Many 30 reporter of expert of leader of bureau of science and technology of the city zone of Fosan city buddhist, industry and media of all circles news attended this press conference.

On the meeting, dong Pengjie provides the technology of newest section water that announced two obtain Guangdong to save appraisal of achievement of science and technology external, exceed bassoon diameter among them water of strong blowdown section implement it is to be in world banner standing more, college of industry of grain of Zhuang Rudong of deputy director general of bureau of science and technology of buddhist the city zone and vice-president of branch of silicate society pottery and porcelain, Wuhan taught Yu Kangtai to give height the opinion. Dong Pengjie provides " to love theme of my China " to call for paper the activity is started formally after the press conference also, face the whole nation to receive submit a piece of writing for publication.

Not long ago, "Collect a source " on the sentiment that draws the attention of the people of the whole country pair of ethical brand die out, and the thing lies between a few days, "3 deer " the trustful crisis that reachs dairy produce industry to selective examination to make people produced pair of nation brands again. The person that Dong Pengjie provides the end that holds this press conference to depend on appealing battalion of already of broad look forward to is responsible to ethical brand, guide the people to return to rational reflection, numerous people supports the call ethical brand.

Dong Pengjie provided Lai Chengdong of sale vise general manager to analyse the situation of domestic Wei Yuhang industry. He points out: 2008, china defends bath enterprise to face the double pressure that comes from home and foreign market environment, a batch of management not to be pooh-poohed, business that lacks innovation will topple, the times of contention of a hundred schools of thought is about to end, the period that capital of the industry that defend bath competes is forthcoming. The foreign capital that also has powerful capital backup force just about right now defends the opportunity with bath strong and outspread market in China. Innovate independently, promoting character talent is the way that the nation defends bath brand self-improvement, the remain invincible in the ability competition in future.

Dong Pengjie provided general manager Feng to always elaborate science and technology to innovate the importance to the enterprise. He points out: The day goes be good at, ethical brand is become constantly strive to become stronger. The technology is the first productivity, also be core competition ability. The nation protects bath trademark when self-improvement, want an enterprise hard to promote the technical craft of oneself the standard namely, take the route of the development that has him distinguishing feature, reject to imitate.
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