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Does China defend bath market " good and evil people mixed up " who will to me d
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Current, the development existence that home protects bath industry wears the biggest ' soft costal region ' , lack a design to innovate namely, lack an advanced technique, lack own brand, lack quality, service to wait run ability; Lack dare be a person first idea and practice... a cup of beautiful a thick soup is shared in wanting the market in the competitive internationalization that grow in intensity, be in besides need underground of these respect firm firm besides a kongfu, more important is to need to analyse summary ceaselessly, the bosom friend tells the other, bravery comes out of the feeling of shame. Often have person doubt, the guesthouse of 5 stars class that consumes as domestic high end is consumed to Wei Yu why can select product of foreign brand Wei Yu, and abandon go product of home's cheap and fine Wei Yu brand? I think, this is Wei Yu industry of a country must the cruelty with thoughtful right knead dough is actual.

Design: Of accost eyeball " sth intended to turn sb's head "

"Capture the eyeball of consumer, let him (her) the impulse that sees have physiology or mentally! " -- , this is stylist the place when to Wei Yu the product is developed needs to have " the first element " explanation. Just think, when if consumer is in,buying a product, glance if feeling, can you still have article? Even if again complete again advanced function, contain a lot ofagain deep inside accumulate product, also can be theoretic only just.

Then, no matter to basin of bath crock, face, shower, still be the design of a small faucet, must learn to go up from the appearance accost eyeball, let your cannot help doing sth. For instance, drape crystal to the basin that wash a face " amice " , will fashionable element is provided with clean " grafting " , this enrols, let women enrol cannot sustain, mai Jie is provided follow like buying jewelry; Let washbasin change a modelling like the flower, change a colour like Neon skirt, the heart swings the man women that let see day of much element look out had done not have a feeling a dimple; Return some, attract the line of sight from line, resemble the curve with ordinary running water, or general like crescent moon radian, those who be is to let you have associate lithe and gracefully, vertical,have next " bath " actuation.

As we have learned, the popular trend that pottery and porcelain protects bath product is the topic that every quarter discusses, but differ as classification, trend also each somewhat different. With exterior classification, can defend pottery and porcelain bath product component to be nostalgic, conservative model; From the cent on function, have environmental protection, energy-saving, fight electrostatic model etc. Phyletic, too numerous to mention one by one, bold piece fashionable design also held partial market. Fujian water warms the design personnel of the enterprise tells a reporter, current, concept of products plan of water warm industry is main and popular the following respects: The design concept of contracted creed, environmental protection creed; "Intelligence is changed " with " functional sex " the concept introduces mediumly in Wei Yu product; Aggrandizement " integral Wei Yu " the design asks; Wei Yu designs characteristic of outstanding diversity, individuation to wait, these will make the mainstream that international and domestic Wei Yu industry will grow henceforth and core.
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