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Who do you want to sell pottery and porcelain after all?
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Before long, pottery and porcelain is a kind of riches and honour is indicative. Because of its occurrence, contended for not little outer part to occupy the home. Never mention it first the cup on table dish bowl dish, see their building outside establish a range special Oh, brick of all kinds of colour just lets building overgrowth is worn infinite glamour, see their bedroom again, outside and in always is infiltrated to be being surrounded by all sorts of pottery and porcelain. For a short while, after pottery and porcelain became Chinese reforming and opening the first by urban and rural and collective dispute the adornment data that grab. Be in so 80 time always were not at the beginning of 90 time so two marketplace slang -- , " want to get rich, do building materials " , "Consider make friends with a man of higher position, sell a brick " . Do this calculate do not calculate a kind to tease with exceeding admonish? But it made many people really. Have again later " Cantonese produces a brick, fujian person sells a brick, zhejiang person pours a brick. " those who tell is Cantonese can do a brick to won't sell a brick only. Fujian person won't do a brick to be able to sell a brick very much however in the whole nation, and the brick that Zhejiang person is good at getting on Fujian hand head again vends a whole world. The confine that this is at that time probably, development arrives this is planted today circumstances, produce a brick be Cantonese not merely of course, meeting those who sell a brick also is Fujian person not just, and the is not Zhejiang person more patent that pours a brick.

The province city that count China cannot produce pottery and porcelain is little really little, this gives Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian pottery and porcelain of a few go ahead of the rest undoubtedly produced an area to bring to bear on aeriform pressure, also raised a most austere question to domestic international market at the same time, each advertises a few companies is this kind of character, it is the sort of design, be turn for the position that buys the home to see a problem, that should see each various ability really. Must every enterprise and entrepreneur want to think same a topic -- , does that want to produce that after all namely who does the pottery and porcelain that come out sell? Include your product standards of course, your product design and color, your product quality, your product brand, your product value, your product function, the means of Wu of service project kimono that your product carries in order to and you are offerred is waited a moment. Current everybody is the times that pretends to be big head ghost, producing base nature is not tickler affection, everybody can do it and do very greatly, a few press, furnace of a few kiln was become basic, but should learn to go out this product sale of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, that is need really lots and lots of Fujian person, the person selling contented of Zhejiang person and mainland, little still of course not those all day long are in errant China each foreign trader that big pottery and porcelain produces a division people, they are likewise cannot the gens of small gaze. Now lane of buying and selling of pottery and porcelain is bad, you do not have a law to own a good brand forever, also do not have a law to have a good sale price, constant passivity mixes that dispute breakneck. If you can comply with the market, do not take care, sell however to whole world, this is not impossible. In ceramics industry, the students surpasses the teacher and excel blue, perhaps saying is the latercomers surpass the formers person be of there are plenty of such people!
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