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What problem does ceramics dealer still have to must be solved?
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One, turn round train of thought, sell by the cent of extensive type, turn for more brands self-supporting inn.

Some lazy agency place sales volume in cent to sell business to go up, do not consider be eager to make progress, what belong to the latent capacity of area without sufficient mining, consequently outstanding achievement hesitates to press forward. This also is the situation that manufacturer is willing to see least of all, began then " channel revolution " , cut hedge.

The area that some and agency border, he gives on name, he " bully move latrine not shit " , say not to give him, he shout is worn hate to part with this fat, did not have method to do a product to reveal then (still find a place for in inn of original other brand an area is revealed) , if do not give it pressure, can be imagined, hand of won't light movability popularizes him actively.

2, sale personnel, guide the sale level of the member that buy remains to promote further especially

From its dress figure, words and deeds behaves considerable its profession accomplishment, performance is uneven; Yi Ke sees a few contradiction: Agency chief says to get clear and logical, but the consciousness that its follower does not have these however and practice, do not have methodical to groom, intellectual experience technical ability did not get be popularizinged adequately applied.

3, reveal means to need seasonable innovation.

Of some agency reveal look even if had not moved 23 years, arrogant on account of one's seniority, very Outdate! What time, reveal still do not have a bit sth. worth seeing or reading. Big still inclined board, straight board be in the majority, between the example of ceramics shallow insufficient 339 centimeter. Saying is to save a space to show a product more, anyhow should establish some of model!