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Is the group bought whether the mainstream sale pattern that makes trade of pott
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The group is bought begin the result house property, trade such as home appliance at first, before more is through owner initiative organization perhaps sells a tissue, defend bath brand to undertake by pottery and porcelain of a gleam of directly now, be called together by agency and organize, in whole market relatively stagnant state falls, is the group is bought to had been become this year ceramics industry most one of channel of rely heavily on sb's service? Be no matter size suits to do a group to buy,every enterprise? Where is the benefit that the group buys? Have corrupt practice? Regard a kind of brand-new sale as mode, is the group bought whether does in ceramics industry continuance go down?

Enter the first topic above all: The group is bought in 8 years of a new force suddenly rises. The group buys what be protected bath company to where this year by numerous pottery and porcelain to take seriously, and be come by him enterprise dominant? How is look upon group bought is those who be in 8 years arisen this one phenomenon? Ask above all new in the Chen Zong of the source talks.

New in source Chen Qin shows: The group is bought is a kind of very good sale means

[Chen Qin shows] : 8 years we the first station is from Jiangxi Nanchang opened a special train to come to Fosan May 9, we become the end that the group buys at that time, we decided a theme this year: Fiery China, also we do not do early, we are very much agency feels round to buy is a kind of very good sale means, also not be fortunately it is make it of 8 years of this kind of special situation such, after coming down again through 18 stations, the effect also is very good, of every place clinch a deal rate basically control in 90 % .

Ceramics industry is the industry that a low attention spends, a lot of consumer are not to understand very much, consumer faces a businessman, facing brand shop to tell is a weak, the group is bought turn customer into overmatch from the weak, so I feel this is the group is bought why can live, no matter be to do It or mobile phone, home appliance to also be in etc,the group emphasizes buying in other industry, but this product low attention spends building materials, a lot of consumer are not to take seriously very much, not be understand very much to price of product function, sex, make the sale pattern that a group buys, it is to a lot of enterprises had been done above all, include a website to also had been done jointly with us. This year it is manufacturer stands actively to follow agency to rise jointly the first year do, ask agency must be done, we 8 years the target is to push a group to buy all the time, beijing of this a few stations, Heng Yang, Changsha is very much the place is the 2nd do a group to buy, the product value that our agency and consumer find to the group buys this kind of means to be able to make itself of building materials industry opaque, function is reflected come out, this basically is our understanding, because 8 years the Olympic Games just is done,be being done at first also is not, and the comparison that do is good. The first station is Nanchang also was done December last year, it is 100 people group is bought, it is to clinch a deal 100 percent, a lot of agency expand to do a group to buy in place now, also have those who come here, include Nanchang to also can do soul-stirring 6 hours September 20 the group is bought, already 160 much people signed up now, this is opposite those who raise a brand is famous spending also is very helpful.
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