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Chinese ceramic tile faces good luck and challenge on the international market
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After joining WTO, accelerate gradually as pace of globalization of our country economy, as the whole world the biggest pottery and porcelain produces the our country of big country, will alive bound acquires due position in the largest trade organization, own share of bigger international market for industry of our country ceramics then, extend international market space and implementation to developed a target to bring opportunity by the industry that becomes strong greatly. But, because industry of our country ceramics is told on the whole,still put in enterprise dimensions small, engineering technology difference of backward, level of management, product is coessential change wait a problem a moment badly, in bringing about industry of our country ceramics to compete in international, step forward face stern test.

  One, the test that Chinese pottery and porcelain faces

Pottery and porcelain is Chinese pride, it is the origin of world understanding China more, accordingly, the world just is met with " China (pottery and porcelain) " name " China " . And our country phylogeny of pottery and porcelain, bearing the weight of an ancient name for China that has distinguishing feature alone is civilized, account Chinese people is mixed in the intelligence an wisdom in human history endless flow live with multiply footmark, left strange flower of of long standing and well established be handed down from ancient times for human history. Cong Mou is planted tell on degree, be in our country the far-reaching maritime the Silk Road on diplomatic history, also be the road of a pottery and porcelain. Pottery and porcelain is the main product of our country foreign trade and testimony since product all previous is ancient.

Since reforming and opening, industry of our country ceramics achieved the great progress that attract worldwide attention, industry total production value from trifling ten yuan of rapid growth go to 100 million yuan thousands of of today's (public data is as high as 300 billion yuan of RMBs, but as a result of reforming and opening before state-owned company data mostly " affusion " , now the majority of the day just of data of civilian battalion industry conversely too much " shrink " , because of this real data far outclass 300 billion) . Our country produced per year building ceramic tile 2007 pottery and porcelain of nearly 5 billion square metre, daily expense makes an appointment with 15 billion, wholesome clean provides about 120 million, artistic pottery and porcelain and special type pottery and porcelain are male crouch the world more. 2008 1 quarter, floor tile of our country wall produced gross to had exceeded 1 billion square metre. But, come 30 years, industry of our country ceramics still fails to be walked out of completely " make money by effort " situation, from " make money by wisdom " the state still has not little space -- on overseas market, sale price of our product of pottery and porcelain is the country such as Italy, Japan, Spain only of congener product very one of going to 1/7, so we face such and such turning over via regular meeting dumping, turn over the trade barrier such as allowance, special protection; On home market, although product of our pottery and porcelain goes up to have profit space more than the international market, but negligence intellectual property and a brood of wind try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, your model my copy works energetically go up quickly live habit, in the price war that caused unending mutual conflict with while, still brought about resource of raw material of pottery and porcelain directly excessive use up height of wasteful even, the sources of energy, the environment pollutes serious, market a confused situation. Be told only from the angle of production value crop, industry of our country ceramics still is those who comparative is rich, but if add social benefit, environment benefit to wait angle a moment to come from profit space,think, industry of our country ceramics is about in utter destitution -- " must leave money only thoroughly! " although industry of our country ceramics carried off in time of 30 short years " crop world the first " throne, but be apart from however " quality world the first " , " technical world the first " , " comprehensive strength world the first " further and further.
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