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Guarantee slip fills in medium a few note
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3 kinds of products are cast protect clew

Dropping the particular case that oneself should know above all before protecting and demand, specific aim ground chooses life insurance danger to plant, accomplish " of " act according to actual circumstances. If you fear you produce disease or accident, make family loses economy to ensure, you can choose to ensure sexual danger to plant; If you want to use insurance to have deposit economy, you are OK provide for the aged of choose and buy kind and live to pay kind of danger to plant; If you consider growing investment of the child, you can buy children to teach marriage gold kind safe; If you worry about the medical treatment charge that him sicken makes domestic load high, you had better choose major disease kind insurance or healthy medical treatment are safe.

When business personnel markets insurance, general meeting uses product announce handbill to undertake the product is revealed, this is merely introduce probably to what plant nearly. You must take out time to read an article carefully, be sure especially responsibility, responsibility is absolved, insurance cost consign, retreat protect etc paragraphic. If you are encountered when read,get the place that does not know, cannot finish sth vaguely, personnel of business of should seasonable inquiry or company administrator till fathom till each clause.

Like buying insurance elephant to buy other goods, goods compares 3. You should choose a credit above all good, service the company with rich gold of comprehensive, capital. Want to notice to compare the congener clause of a few companies next, guarantee range especially. Though life is impayable, you also cannot buy insurance safeguard without limit, so how many insurance to buy appropriate? Generally speaking, ensuring the risk that sexual danger plants to keep the specified number is you of year of income 15 - 20 times, major disease kind the risk that plants nearly keeps the specified number is you probably of year of income 5 - 10 times, and what you hand in year paying insurance cost should be you the 15 % left and right sides of year of income.

According to China insurance monitors the regulation of committee, cast for minor defend insurance, amount of insurance against death is highest must not exceed 100 thousand yuan of RMB.

When buying insurance, basis " insurance law " fiftieth 2 requirement, policy-holder must have insurance interest to insurant.

According to " insurance law " fiftieth 5 regulation, pay insurance gold in order to die conditional contract to give, without insurant written agree and recognize insurance amount, the contract is invalid. But parents is his minor children policy-holder is sure personally, do not accept afore-mentioned restriction.

Want to the designation of beneficiary beneficiary lawful: " insurance law " the 60th regulation, beneficiary beneficiary but by insurant or policy-holder is appointed. The beard when policy-holder appoints beneficiary beneficiary agrees via insurant.
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