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Agent sells insurance to 23 forbid
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"Agent must not be done false or misdirect sex specification, conduct propaganda " . Just stride 2006, china is sure to control committee procuratorial to insurance misdirect behavior " firing " .

Yesterday, china is sure to supervised committee to promulgate " insurance sale member management sets (draft) " , cast those who gave agent to sell insurance " 23 forbid " . "Draft " these 23 kinds of behavior include formulary  , agent must not be done false or of misdirect sex specification, conduct propaganda; Do not get do sth without authorization to print, extend, transmission insurance product publicizes material; Must not conceal the fundamental condition that concerns with insurance contract; To insurance the bonus of the product, profit allocates or prospective inaccuracy decides accrual make the acceptance that exceeds a contract to assure wait. To violating compasses agent, china keeps watch meeting general gives a warning, be in fine below with 10 thousand yuan.

Besides " 23 forbid " outside, "Draft " still ask agent exhibits course of study to want to accomplish " 6 must " , be sure namely sale member undertake insurance sale activity, ought to show " the card that exhibit property " ; Insurance sale member insurance of sale share out bonus, investment connects the person such as safe, universal insurance is sure of new-style product, ought to remind a client to buy the investment risk of this kind of product; Insurance sale member ought to make the important file such as insurance bill by policy-holder or autograph affirms him insurant etc.

In addition, this draft sets, insurance agent must take an exam through the qualification, obtain " qualificatory certificate " and " the card that exhibit property " . Search in the light of the agent that has some of company at present " gunman " the behaviour that era studies, china protects inspect to be able to express to will give a warning, be in 10 thousand yuan of the following amerce.

In last few years, for normative procuratorial behavior, superintendency branch frequency reads aloud the Incantation of the Golden hoop, beijing protected inspect bureau to be promulgated 2005 cast protect clew, made to the citizen cast keep commitment. These regulations also had actual effect, the reporter protects inspect bureau to understand from Beijing, up to last year the end of the year, the citizen is right complain safely with compared 2004, dropped 32.9% .

But the health that the misdirect behavior of insurance agent still is endangering insurance. It is reported, superintended a branch to receive last year complain still have 3000 cases, among them, have literal stuff have 198, the phone seeks advice have 2992.
Author: Reporter Chou Zhaoyan