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1. Want those who make clear responsibility of relevant parties risk to differentiate

2. Should include each necessary insurance premium beforehand (without exception) calculate

3. Strive for order bright all insurance are dealt with in Chinese churchyard

4. Be sure clearly to be dealt with by He Fang when necessary, cast keep what insurance and matter of other concerned agreement

Policy-holder obligation

1. Declare according to the facts

2. Capture pays insurance premium

3. Be or get out of danger informs and rescue them

4. Reservation seeks countervail power just to responsibility of a third party

5. Do good take precautions against natural calamities to defend caustic work

The processing of the accident

1. Insurant is inside specified time limits claim for compensation

2. The underwriter manages according to insurance contract compensate

3. Produce loss or accident like what discover insurance sign by be caused by of a third party, answer to inform an underwriter in time, insurant should provide all necessary sheet evidence fully, obtain an underwriter to sign a rights and interests to make over a book, so that chase after countervail to a third party.