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Maritime and safe
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Maritime and safe One, the sort of maritime freightage risk

International trade goods is in seaborne, assemble and unassemble and store in the process, may suffer all sorts of different risks, and the risk of main accept insurance has maritime freightage underwriter maritime risk and foreign risk.

(one) maritime risk

Maritime risk is in insurance group by call the shipwreck, the natural disaster that includes maritime happening and contingency. Natural disaster is to because the mutation of nature causes the disaster that destroys force place to cause,point to. In marine insurance, natural disaster points to atrocious weather only, thunder, seismic sea wave, earthquake, the flood, volcano erupts the calamity that waits for manpower to cannot be defied. Contingency is the accident that shows the reason place that is less than as a result of expect is caused. In marine insurance, contingency points to only hard and fast, strike a reef, sunken, collide, fire, explode and be missing etc.

1, hard and fast. It is to point to shipping and sea floor, decharge, embankment produces a strike a reef below the accident case that cannot expect beforehand, lay aside period of time, make shipping cannot continue to advance to carry the mission in order to finish. But the does not belong to insurance to go aground aground category that the place of spring tide fluctuate of regularity creates.

2, strike a reef. It is to show carry cargo shipping touchs the cay in water or other hindrance (include heavy ship) .

3, sunken. It is to show all or hull is major already mergence surface is the following, already lost continue to sail ability. If hull part enters water, but still have voyage capacity, do not inspect sunken.

4, collide. Show shipping and boat or other are secured, fixity vigorously of flow is contacted. Be like shipping and iceberg, bridge, dock, the barge against such as beacon light.

5, fire. It is to point to shipping itself, the goods be on fire of the equipment on the boat and carry burns.

6, explode. It is to show because of,the boiler on the boat or other machine equipment produce the goods on explosion and boat climate condition (be like temperature) the explosion that the influence produces chemical reaction to cause. 7, be missing. It is to show shipping loses contact in the voyage, phonic message is devoid, after and exceeded one be restricted regularly, still do not have whereabouts and message, be considered as to be missing namely.

(2) foreign risk

Foreign risk is to point to the risk that poses as a result of foreign account commonly. It can be divided for general and foreign risk and special and foreign risk.

1, general and foreign risk. It is to show as a result of,goods is in in carriage road theft, rain, short volume, leakage, broken, be affected with damp be affected with damp, be heated, mildew changes, string together flavour, flyblow, hook caustic, rusty, meet the risk that the reason place such as caustic causes.
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