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External economic collaboration is safe
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External economic collaboration is safe Chinese churchyard is safe

Each insurance of the joint ventures that every establishs in Chinese churchyard and foreign capital enterprise all should be cast to Chinese insurance company protect a foreign trader to invest an enterprise to be sure.

Of all kinds insurance invests enterprise or project, answer to choose to be sure according to the different need of each comfortable and different level. Main insurance risk plants have:

1 . Freight of imports and exports is safe

2. Building or installation project are safe

3. Belongings is safe

4. Gain loss is safe

5. Responsibility is safe

6. Person accident injury insurance

7. Square worker endowment insurance is mixed in sickness medical treatment is safe

8. Other each are safe

9. Engage by special arrangement is safe

Supplied materials treatment assembles insurance

Supplied materials is machined and assemble the risk that business place involves, divide roughly the following 3 phase:

1 . Supplied materials and communication or parcel received carry the risk in the process

2. Machine and assemble the risk in the process, the belongings that basically is belongings itself is safe

3. The risk  in process of abroad of finished product carry

Contract external the project is safe

Contract external project insurance basically has the following:

1 . Bid assure to be sure

2. Honor the agreement assure to be sure

3. Carriage goods is safe

4. Building or installation project are safe

5. Use injury insurance of accident of work staff person

6. Responsibility of a third party is safe

7. In the contract other each insurance 

Belongings danger

1 . Property reachs suitable scope. Of belongings danger and accept insurance of belongings All Risks is the corporeal loss of insurance belongings.

2. Cast those who defend bid with policy-holder. Of the insurance mark of belongings danger and belongings All Risks can be insurant all, can keep for other, also can be the belongings that be shared with other and is in charge of by insurant.

3. Extent of liability. Provision of belongings danger provision enlarged the natural disaster that a few manpower cannot defy and contingency on fire insurance foundation.

4. Except responsibility. Be not insurance liability namely, cause from this by insurance belongings loss, insurance company entirely does not lose liability to pay compensation.

5. Insurance amount. Insurance amount is insurant of the content to insurance mark cast actually defend amount.

6. Add safeguard. It is OK that belongings danger falls additional insurance safeguard basically has the following kinds:

(1 ) larcenous danger;
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