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Land transportation refrigerates goods clauses
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One, extent of liability is sure to be in charge of compensating for originally: (one) be caused as a result of following account in carriage road by insurance goods all or partial loss:

1. Windstorm, thunder, earthquake, flood;

2. Onshore carriage tool is sufferred collision, bend answer or off the rails;

3. In the hard and fast, strike a reef of tool of the lighterage in lighterage process, sunken, collision;

4. Collapse of channel cave in, cliff, be on fire, explosion.

(2) be in to carry by insurance goods in road damage as a result of what refrigerate a machine or lie between lukewarm equipment or the dissolves place to cause defrost of ice cube of the keep in storage inside railroad car is dissolved and corrupt loss.

(3) insurant takes the rescue, step that prevent or reduces damage of goods to sufferring the dangerous goods inside accept insurance responsibility and pay reasonable fee, but the insurance amount in the limit of that approves the goods that be saved with exceeding this.

2, except responsibility

This insurance does not lose liability to pay compensation to following loss:

(one) the voluntary action of insurant or the loss that error causes.

(2) the loss that attributes consignor responsibility place to cause.

(3) be in to carry any level in the process by insurance goods, because was not deposited in have the storehouse of refrigerating equipment or carrying a tool, or the goods that assists carriage tool to did not lie between lukewarm equipment or enough without the keep in storage inside railroad car ice cube be caused by is corrupt.

(4) liability of insurance be been in by insurance goods in the begining because did not maintain kilter, include to arrange machine and wrap up inappropriate, refrigerant the disagreement regulation that go up and the goods corruption that bone metamorphism causes and loss.

(5) be declined by the natural loss of insurance goods, intrinsic defect, character and market price, the loss that carriage defer place causes and charge.

(6) our company are onshore clause of carriage goods war risk and the extent of liability that place of clause of freightage strike danger sets and except responsibility.

3, responsibility the beginning and the end

This insurance liability is carried by insurance goods the cold storage that holds a place from insurance policy place loads the become effective when carrying a tool to begin to carry oneself. The lighterage on the water that includes to carry normally and be concerned with its inside, till this goods arrives at insurance policy place to carry bright when destination accepts library of goods stored in a barn, continue effective, but liability of the longest insurance 10 days of in the limit of after with be sure goods reachs destination station.

4, the obligation of insurant

Insurant should answer according to what set below do one's duty handles concerned matter, answer like what decide because of walking on guild regulations do one's duty and when affecting our company interest, our company reject to compensate for to having right about the loss.
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