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Policy-holder has some decathlon rights
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1, when the clerk visits you, you have authority to ask the clerk shows his to be in the effective work papers of insurance company.

2, the concerned content that you have authority to ask clerk basis clauses explains to be planted nearly according to the facts. When you the decision is cast when protecting, read clauses seriously please.

3, filling in when guarantee slip, you must fill in according to the facts inside Shanghaiguan is allowed and autograph; Insurant signs one column should be signed by insurant holograph (little danger except) .

4, when you pay, the clerk must open insurance premium of short duration to collect receipt on the spot, sign full name and clerk code on this receipt; Also can ask the clerk takes you to pay to insurance company.

5, cast after keeping a month, if you did not get official insurance policy, inquire to insurance company please. After obtaining policy of insurance, ought to field examine and verify, if discover the part of wrong leakage, authority asks insurance company corrects in time.

6, drop the one calm time limit after protecting inside, enjoy a contract to remove return hospitality to seek power, particular case inspects each company to set and decide.

7, if because work,fluctuant or other reason brings about living ground,produce changes, inform insurance company in time please, application is dealt with migratory, can enjoy in order to ensure have a service continuously.

8, protect to retreating, reduce the pecuniary loss that keeps a likelihood to be brought to you, casting please when protecting, give attention.

9, after insurance accident happens, consult please the concerned regulation of clauses, get in touch in time with insurance company or clerk.

10, there are any doubts or opinion in keeping a process to casting, can seek advice to the concerned branch of insurance company, mirror or complain to insurance guild.