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The major of term of professional foreign trade is conveyed (1)
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In foreign trade business, arrive from quote payment, arrive again urge L/C, arrive again the receipt settlement of exchange later, involve a lot of professional term.

1. payment (Terms Of Payment)

(1) Our Usual Way Of Payment Is By Confirmed And Irrevocable Letter Of Credit Available By Draft At Sight For The Full Amount Of The Contracted Goods To Be Established In Our Favour Through A Bank Acceptable To The Sellers.
Our average payment is confirmed, irrevocable, with me the company is beneficiary beneficiary, L/C of full specified amount, payable at sight. L/C should leave through the bank that approbates for the bargainor piece.

(2) For Payment, we Require 100% Value, confirmed And Irrevocable Letter Of Credit With Partial Shipment And Transhipment Allowed Clause, available By Draft At Sight, payable Against Surrendering The Full Set Of Shipping Documents To The Negotiating Bank Here.
We ask to use 100% amount, confirmed, irrevocable L/C, set allow change to another ship and partial shipments, by bill of exchange to discuss Fu Hang to hand in weak spot to pay.

(3) The Letter Of Credit Should Be Established With Its Clauses In Confirmation With The Terms And Conditions Of The Contract.
L/C place flies an item, must with contract provision conform to.

(4) We Usually Accept Payment By L/C At Sight Draft Or By T/T In Advance, but Never By C.O.D.
Normally we accept L/C at sight to pay or telegraphic transfer money. We never accept the idea of COD.

2. urges L/C (Pressing For L/C)

(1) As The Goods Against Your Order No.111 Have Been Ready For Shipment For Quite Some Time, it Is Imperative That You Take Immediate Action To Have The Covering Credit Established As Soon As Possible.
As a result of your order for goods the 111st goods already waited for carry to have fully quite long, you must act to open a L/C as soon as possible instantly.

(2) We Repeatedly Requested You By Faxes To Expedite The Opening Of The Relative Letter Of Credit So That We Might Effect Shipment For The Above Mentioned Order, but After The Lapse Of 3 Months, we Have Not Yet Received The Covering L/C.
We had faxed a requirement for many times your as soon as possible leaves will concern L/C, in order to make we ship the goods of afore-mentioned order for goods. But 3 months went, still did not get concerned letter of credit.

(3) We Hope That You Will Take Commercial Reputation Into Account In All Seriousness And Open L/C At Once, otherwise You Will Be Responsible For All The Losses Arising Therefrom.
Hope you consider commercial reputation seriously, open card instantly, otherwise, all losses that produce from this all are in charge of by you.

(4) The Shipment Time For Your Order Is Approaching, but We Have Not Yet Received The Covering L/C.Pls Do Your Utmost To Expedite The Same To Reach Here Before The End Of This Month So That Shipment May Be Effected Without Dealy.
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