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Foreign trade is common English acronym
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Cost of CFR(cost And Freight) increases freight price
D/P of D/P(document Against Payment)
C.O (certificate Of Origin) is general card of country of origin
CTN/CTNS(carton/cartons) paper box
DL/DLS(dollar/dollars) dollar
PKG(package) a packet, a bunch, plunge into, one waits
G.W. (Gross Weight) gross weight
Customs declaration of C/D (customs Declaration)
W (with) is had
FAC(facsimile) fax
EXP (Export) exit
MIN (minimum) is the smallest, lowermost limit
M/V (Merchant Vessel) merchantman
MT or M/T(metric Ton) metric ton
INT (of International) international
INV (invoice) bill
REF (Reference) reference, check price
STL. (Style) style, design, type
RMB (Renminbi) RMB
PR or PRC(price) price
S/C (Sales Contract) sales confirmation
B/L (bill of lading of Bill Of Lading)
CIF (Cost, insurance&freight) cost, insurance increases freight price
T/T(telegraphic Transfer) telegraphic transfer money
D/A of D/A (document Against Acceptance)
G.S.P. (Pu Hui of Generalized System Of Preferences) is made
PCE/PCS(piece/pieces) , , raise etc
DOZ/DZ(dozen) a dozen
WT(weight) weight
N.W. (Net Weight) is suttle
EA(each) every, eachW/o(without) is done not have
IMP(import) entrance
MAX (maximum) is the biggest, of utmost
M or MED (medium) are medium, intermediate
S.S(steamship) boat carries
DOC (document) file, receipt
Container load plan of P/L (packing List) , list
PCT (percent) per cent
EMS (express of Express Mail Special) is delivered
T or LTX or TX(telex) telex
S/M (mark of Shipping Marks) lading
PUR (purchase) is bought, buy goods
L/C (L/C of Letter Of Credit)