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Compensation trade
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Compensation trade (Compensation Trade) , it is to show one party is on the foundation of credit commonly, from machine of average of foreign other one party, equipment, technology, raw material or service, the agreement is inside proper time, with the product that its produce, other goods or service, in installment the pattern of a kind of trade that pay off borrows money. It is from 20 centuries 60 time end, at the beginning of 70 time, develop a kind of when rise new commerce way gradually. Its are main the characteristic is: (1) commerce and credit are united in wedlock, one party purchases the goods such as equipment is to be on the basis that the other side provides credit, or intervene by the bank provide credit. (2) commerce and manufacturing phase are contacted. Equipment entrance and product export photograph connection, export machine equipment square the product that at the same time acceptance counter-purchases the other side, below most circumstance, commutative commodity is to use its equipment to make the product that come out. (3) commerce both sides is business concern, the entrance of equipment just assumes disbursement obligation not only, and the responsibility that assumes payment of interest, have complete ownership and access to equipment. What compensation trade purchases is machine equipment, of exit is a product, can say the special credit that is union of photograph of a kind of imports and exports deals, have the apparent effect that uses foreign capital. It is imported to equipment square, but little employ foreign currency or do not employ foreign currency, what the entrance needs equipment and more advanced technology, already the contradiction that advantageous alleviation pays a method inadequacy external, can improve native productivity again, enlarge exit, add receive foreign currency; The outlet that also gives a product at the same time built long-term stabler sale channel and market. Supply to equipment square and character, can break through an entrance to just pay ability insufficient obstacle, enlarge a product to sell the market; Obtain fixedder raw material to supply origin. Reason compensation trade is multi-purpose between the state that pays ability difficulty at foreign currency and developed country, and the department that more ground gives to produce raw material now, or the product needs for place of the other side, or the industrial department that the product has exit outlook. Current, the practice of compensation trade, have two kinds of forms: (1) is sold back (Buy-back) , by equipment the entrance just uses the product that the equipment that the other side supplies and technology make, include direct product or related goods (Resultant Or Related Product) , liquidate imports the payment for goods of equipment. (2) each other is bought (Counter Purchase) , namely the payment for goods that equipment entrance just pays facility, not be to use direct product, the other product that decides with both sides however or service come liquidate. So, below this kind of circumstance trade, trade for what two each other have connection and undertake respectively. In addition, compensatory form still can introduce partial product or service compensation collects compensatory means now partly, this kind of method is called partial compensation; Perhaps share compensation trade because of tripartite, be accepted by tripartite for example and sell compensation product, or be assumed by tripartite or offer compensation product to wait, call multilateral compensation. No matter which kinds of form, after bilateral negotiation comes to an agreement, want to sign the written document of compensation trade commonly, basically compensation trade agreement, equipment imports a contract, sell back or each other buys a contract to wait, carry out consultative basis as compensation trade party. (2) falls in afore-mentioned mode, deciding trading main factor already was not the price of commodity and quality, depend on however counter-purchased acceptance. This weakened the action of market mechanism inevitably.
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