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The development of mineral products resource such as earth of embellish of kaoli
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Coal measures accompanies resource of crude mineral products in all is to point to as accrete as coal in coal measures layer or concomitant other mineral products or element, the ode is put in layer of our country numerous coal measures, be cannot reborn resource. Produce its resource advantage adequately, raise its development, treatment to reach use a level integratedly imperative.

One, domestic and international technology develops a tendency

1. Mining technology

(1) facility is large change. At present the United States applies shovel of large hydraulic pressure extensively already to regard a shovel as furnish equipment, realized the sudden shift between each working face. Large instrument basically developed round of type fork-lift truck in recent years mine uses a car, loading capacity achieved 327 tons.

(2) tooling is new and high change. As fixed position of satellite of numerical control computation, whole world, high speed communication of high frequency and two-way infinite data and plane show the application that waits for new technology, new facility, carry monitoring of remote control center and surveillant mining equipment, lade, carry and uninstall the operation will implement automation entirely or remote remote control. Nobody change mine of exploitation system, intelligence to had made the development way of industry of developed country mining.

2. Mineral separation technology

(1) special engineering technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Although a lot of mine are planted in mineral separation exercise broken, grind mine, classification condense and dry the technology that waits for a process is general already hasten is mature, but the mineral separation technology that some mine plant still needs ceaseless development to perfect. Plant in the light of these mine, domestic and international development applies the tendercy of new technology, new technology and new facility to presenting acceleration potential, bring about engineering technology of special mineral separation ceaseless emerge in large numbers.

(2) the research and development of mineral separation equipment gains headway ceaselessly. Industrial developed country to raise level of mineral separation technology, be developed ceaselessly and develop new-style mineral separation device, there was striking progress in the respect such as equipment of reelect, magnetic separation, floatation. The technical level of research and development of equipment of current home mineral separation already also was crossed went up new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, gained certain headway.

(3) optimize control system to grinding hair. Go up century 90 time, a lot of mineral separation exercise use an advanced technique through section, content of ore dressing plant sheds a system of major equipment case, stop came true to center automata, obtained enormous economic benefits. The entire plant that developed country of foreign mining industry is studying to develop an ore dressing plant optimizes control system, optimize forward, automation, way develops.
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