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The 4 key word that pottery and porcelain of choose and buy notices and 6 points
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Ceramic tile choose and buy

When consumer is buying ceramic tile, the likelihood is mixed to what ceramic tile understands very few, how to buy, should when buying ceramic tile, notice that cites some of problem? What these everybody may know is not very much, we give everybody introduction a few kinds of sides that choose ceramic tile here.

Knock: Listen to argue density. Discern ceramic tile stand or fall has a lot of levels, can undertake beating, sound is more ringing, criterion porcelain changes rate taller, quality is better. OK also left hand big toe, forefinger and ceramic tile of middle finger clip one horn, relaxed and lop, with the bottom in ceramic tile of tat of right hand forefinger, sound is crystal and euphonic person for top grade, sound is depressing and cloudy person for inferior.

Measure: See ceramic tile bibulous rate. The bibulous rate of ceramic tile is lower, the internal stability that represents ceramic tile is taller, also be to suit the space with wet water or moisture higher content more, and won't produce the problem such as shading. Examine ceramic tile is bibulous the commonly used method of rate is the reverse side ceramic tile pours water, permeate slow even not the ceramic tile quality of ooze water is better, it is conversely bad.

Ceramic tile of pottery and porcelain

Blow: See character from the trace. Check the exterior quality of ceramic tile, can blow ceramic tile glaze with good thing, if leave a mark, explain quality is poor.

Look: Observe color and flatness. The color of ceramic tile jumps over clarity to had been jumped over, look to have pinhole by naked eye, pinhole piles up easily dirty content, observe the flatness of ceramic tile again finally, flank is flat, it is easy that the shop rises, effect it may not be a bad idea.

   6 want a place

Wholesome clean is provided basically is comprised by wholesome pottery and porcelain and its fittings. Wholesome pottery and porcelain is to use those who make wholesome installation to have product of glazed pottery porcelain, include all sorts of implement, wash basin, clean body implement etc. Its choose and buy also is to have certain knack, below we support on a few move to you from the detail of a few choose and buys.

Choose and buy of pottery and porcelain
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