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Pottery and porcelain produces research of integrated and energy-saving technolo
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On July 7, by Shandong hall of province science and technology is entrusted, the course of study of An Hua porcelain that bureau of science and technology of heart state city organizes " pottery and porcelain produces research of integrated and energy-saving technology and applied item " check and accept can be in heart state city beauty China big public house is held. Pass experts attending the meeting's rigorous assessment, this project is passed smoothly check and accept.

The bottle of pottery and porcelain of limited company produces course of study of Shandong An Hua porcelain integrated and energy-saving project, it is to use advanced beforehand pink is ground technology, fast patternmaking technology, small a when press automation to note furnace of oar technology, kiln to transform technology of utilization of waste heat and Yellow River silt to use a technology to produce bottle of pottery and porcelain integrated and energy-saving technology. This project technology (article origin: Network of news of trade of wine of China of · of newspaper of wine of an ancient name for China) the level is advanced, effect of energy-saving environmental protection is distinct. After integrated and energy-saving project is transformed, can improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality effectively, promote the core of the enterprise competition ability.

Group of expert attending the meeting listened to project job to summarize a report seriously, introduce with respect to the progress circumstance of the project, equipment, the problem such as capital investment, energy-saving effect made quiz in detail and seek advice, maintain consistently finally, this project is energy-saving with environmental protection effect remarkable, have good economic benefits and social beneficial result, agree with this project through checking and accept.

As we have learned, the success of this technology checks and accept fill home is blank.