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Quality of bathroom delegate life is perfect bathroom 10 focuses
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Wei Yu is designed

Someone says, the bathroom is representing the life quality of habitant. If connect this most covert space can be done spotlessly, other space nature is met all the more to the queen's taste. The detail that keep an eye on needs in the bathroom is apparent and more, besides fundamental part, still more attention dots need careful polish, consider slowly.

   One, furniture

The choice of bathroom furniture, can affect pair of bathroom whole spaces greatly use efficiency. Besides choose a design reasonable, put proper furniture, still need to choose as far as possible but the furniture with one multi-purpose content will improve efficiency.

Make full use of as far as possible all sorts of functions of each furniture, next left and right sideses are the range that wants a consideration on.

Of course, to use space of each inches of bathroom accurately, order making bathroom furniture is the best thing to do.

   2, healthy environmental protection

The toilet that inferior waterproof can let you is in a certain number of peculiar smell that if if not have,have,are full of inside year; The glue of stickup glass can have pungent taste inside proper time. Should maintain airy expedite, use conduce to purify airy plant quickly, make chemically air less fresh as far as possible agent. The surface of products of these pottery and porcelain wants vat of the basin that wash a face, bath smooth, fight bacterium. Of good glaze sit implement smooth, meticulous, without the flaw, after be being rinsed through relapsing, still can be like glossily new. If glaze quality is bad, make contamination is hanged in 4 walls easily, cause pollution.

   3, enjoyment

The demand of bathroom function is in Xiang Jiankang, enjoy, enjoyment, recreational way develops. These enjoyment cannot leave the new product of science and technology of course, for instance the massage bath crock of a variety of functions, can mobile flower is aspersed etc, after comfortable target is achieved, we should let wash bath joy to rise. Lamplight, colour, adornment not only to go to the lavatory, piquant, lovely, free from worry visual perception suffers can let be overflowing with of the gout between Wei Yu.

   4, ventilated

The window is very important for the take a breath to the bathroom, the lighting effects that the bright window that has sun should come out than making apparently more let a person loosen. If the condition does not allow, installation discharges fan to be able to solve the problem of take a breath likewise, but always still should notice whether air is humid.

The potted plant that sets green in the place of not preventive action also is adjust airy tweak, let a person be in when seeing green, sunshine also was full of in the heart.
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