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" Great Master of art of pottery and porcelain of famous sea manner and air -- S
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Communicate association plan to sponsor by art of culture of Shanghai China and foreign countries, art of French international culture communicates association assist do " porcelain art exhibits Shen Jialiang of ― of Great Master of art of pottery and porcelain of famous sea manner and air and the preview that go to a law " , was in Shanghai to 20 days on July 4 edifice of 128 democratic parties holds Shaanxi north way. This second preview gathered together the high-quality goods porcelain that Shen Jialiang creates meticulously art more than 30, be like " life air " " a haven of peace " , " Changjiang Delta is good " , " the ramble in rain " " first sun rays in the morning " etc.

Be graduated from the institute of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain, Shen Jialiang that having art of old Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain to invent profession, it is the potter of sea manner and air that contemporary China has force, he answered Shanghai to establish 1996 " river bay kiln " , build " atelier of domestic fine Tao Yi " , initiated the sea to send pottery and porcelain, make this field get military thing. The sea that he initiates sends pottery and porcelain, not only those who have the artistic conception of traditional Chinese painting, watercolour is elegant, more the massiness that holds canvas concurrently, art of Chinese and Western of be in harmony is an organic whole, got domestic and international especially the attention of French art group and favour, be hired to be Great Master of art of pottery and porcelain especially by association of communication of art of French international culture, will go to France to exhibit on invitation. His work is having bright individual color, broke through concept of traditional pottery and porcelain to expressional gimmick from artistic idea, he masters the trend of gorgeous scenery glair skinning texture in high temperature adequately, use " spill glair " gimmick, make its are in dizzy change and in igneous art, achieve artwork highest state, and with him establish of series of high temperature coloured glaze create a style and present as leading role bound of pottery and porcelain!

The foreign language in sponsorring square Shanghai changes art of culture of international of secretary-general of art communication association, France to communicate association chairman Qiu Zhiping to think, work of pottery and porcelain does not lose times aesthetic feeling in classic gas charm, it is god-given see have France the work of Chinese pottery and porcelain of contemporary and artistic breath. The included a French to like most red, blue, Bai San of its work not come singly but in pairs is planted color (humanitarian of gules in French eye delegate, blue represents freedom, white represents equality) . And, his art is abstraction and the couple that have elephant, east and west. So, the work that he believes Home Shen fine can let French audience experience the surprise that to China art of contemporary pottery and porcelain gives them to be taken certainly, experience the glamour that sends art of pottery and porcelain to China's new of great capacity.
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