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Pottery and porcelain begins Dongpeng in the round " broaden sources of income a
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One, recognize situation, make clear a meaning

Enter 2008, our management environment produced tremendous change, make the enterprise unawares. International oil price is climbed successively litre, cause domestic derv, light price of gas, coal to rise considerably. Specific power consumption holds totle drilling cost 20% - the enterprise building contented of 30% , pressure is added suddenly. In the meantime, the price of almost all article such as fittings of the industrial chemicals, material that pack, hardware is overall go up raise, add new " labor law contract law " carry out, cost of company labour force rose 20% - 30% . Cost of battalion of already of look forward to and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, increase about 20% above.

Moreover, get a country the monetary policy influence with macroscopical adjusting control, constrictive money, building city, stock market goes low considerably, home builds contented market fatigued and weak, demand drops considerably. The dollar depreciates, the RMB appreciates, cause pottery and porcelain to export suffocate suffocate again, the current situation that begs for passing inside the industry dash forward now, inventory of the product that build contented increases, partial company reduction in production even stop production.

The 3rd, because produce cost to rise considerably, space of the air on product sale price suffers apparently again be restricted, company profit space is contractible produce and sale is lopsided, cause product reserve increase, capital movement can give an issue. This is the double pressure that at present the enterprise faces. These pressure like two big mountain, make the enterprise faces an acid test. Can foreknow, in this kind dangerous environment falls, a batch of enterprises will be washed out, can come down alive even if the biggest lucky.

This is we must regain consciousness the big environment of the international of understanding and home. Realise the difficulty that we face and pressure adequately only, broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure of ability profundity experience, hardworking and thrifty establishs the real significance of course of study and principal port.

2, survival of the fittest, have no alternative

The situation of international home is so grim, how does Dong Peng do? We cannot change big environment and outside pressure, only alternative is " survival of the fittest " . We can begin from enterprise interior only, development is abiding the work that does good broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, hardworking and thrifty in the round to establish line of business, dig in-house latent capacity deep, transfer the potential of employee. How to understand broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure? As a whole, open a source, widen namely train of thought, improve beneficial result, increase profit. Specific include: (1) development market, comprehensive raise the market to have rate. (2) be in new, actor, special kongfu of 3 words fluctuation. Develop new product namely, use new technology, new technology to hold to a product the development with high grade, bright characteristic, way that establishs line of business. (3) improve pull current Cheng, promotion level of management, add a product additional cost, extend the benefit space of the enterprise and profit space. Reduce expenditure, want put heads together so as to get better result namely, mining latent capacity, jam flaw, put an end to waste, reduce specific power consumption, cost saving. Still include simplify the administrative structure next, cut down redundant personnel, reduce labor cost. Enhance market competition ability effectively thereby.
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