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China builds contented: Ran quickly not to forget to wear good shoe
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In recent years, a lot of transnational corporation depend on its abundant capital, excellent technology, advanced management, land Chinese market to participate in competition in succession. Meanwhile, civilian battalion enterprise of China also is creating myth of an another market miracle, capital, these act kept out foreign competitor to be in China on certain level of the market plunder wantonly, some more as case of beautiful commercial block battle humanness commend, but among them hard to avoid encounters a variety of problems.

A viewpoint that uses sale expert road to grow complete gentleman will explain, of enterprise of Chinese civilian battalion rising abruptly is lean mostly " speed get the upper hand of " . Because,be small, agile, defy thereby with speed powerful foreign capital. Although civilian battalion enterprise group in the nick on certain level foreign competitor, but have a place however " no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach " the flavour that disputes photograph charge, some Bei sorrowful; Those are young and red-blooded enterprise a lot of moment can the market of dominant phase sex, disappear from the scene very quickly, some are helpless... according to relevant investigation data shows, the mean life of enterprise of Chinese civilian battalion does not exceed 5 years actually, and come from in the center of the investigation data of one class shows this time has 1.5 short years only.

Somebody has been done to this relatively the analogy of figure, national battalion enterprise has consistent name to run too quickly to do not have the athlete that wears good shoe however in. China builds Tao Yetong pattern is such, although have again good go qualitative, running for a long time in the process, when original a put an end to developing interest dangers, be being returned finally is enemy the adversary with driving nevertheless actual strength.

Road of no less than grows talk of complete gentleman place: "China builds contented, run very quickly, but must have worn a shoe to run again " . So, classics of contented industry experience is built in China reforming and opening of flying development of 30 years hind, existing after all what hidden trouble, face expose exposed issue with each passing day a kind of what kind of state of mind should we hold again? In the course of study that build contented so called " in the winter " during coming sadly, whether do we recall a painful experience? We can carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future?

The crisis of backside of speed get the upper hand of! Lag of talent fault efficiency

Mr Wang says chief of company of brick of Fosan city some archaize, the enterprise that they belong to enters high speed to develop level since 2004, product sales volume is unprecedented grow, because this needs to increase product line, administrator and salesperson, but a series of problems appeared however in the process that increases equipment to solicit a talent in this.
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