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Heibei pottery and porcelain 3 produce an area to be gotten each greatly coquett
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Heibei has very good geographical advantage, connection " 3 north " reach China area of medium, Hua Dong, stream of people, content shedding, iformation flow is large, the division of economy of Beijing ferry look forward to that forms jointly with Beijing, Tianjin has group of 120 million consumption, market size occupies the 10% above of countrywide mainland gross. Heibei is big province of pottery and porcelain, churchyard has Dan of Tang Shan, Han, Gao Yi base of 3 big pottery and porcelain, produce per year pottery and porcelain many 800 million, the product is popular domestic and international, the index such as forehead of tax of its crop, profit, exit all occupies countrywide front row. Kinds the daily expense pottery and porcelain in Heibei ceramics industry, wholesome pottery and porcelain, pottery and porcelain such as architectural pottery is big already are perfected gradually. The footstep that we let follow a reporter below understands the general situation of base of next Heibei ceramics industry together.

   Gao Yi produces a division architectural pottery outshines the rest

Fast city county serves as from Tang Chao " Xing kiln " a main branch, maintaining exuberant vitality all the time. 20 centuries since 50 time, industry of ceramics of fast city county gets lost architectural pottery by daily expense pottery and porcelain stage by stage, ceaseless development expands. Current, architectural pottery company grows entire county 82, have product line 89, have floor brick, inside product of the tall, medium, cheap much norms such as wall brick, exterior wall tile, much design and color 100 a variety of, formed relatively perfect and sound product system, produce per year a quantity to achieve 120 million smooth rice, those who hold total output of employment of countrywide architectural pottery 7% the left and right sides, market radiate northeast, China north, northwest visits town ten times. To expand architectural pottery line of business of place further, the 5th big architectural pottery after fast city county puts forward to build river of advance of rich of Zi of afterwards Guangdong Fosan, Shandong, Fujian, Sichuan to place Jiang Zhi here produces base.

   Han Dan produces pottery and porcelain of area daily expense to expand gradually

Han Dan is located in Heibei to save most the south, with advance, rash, comfort 3 provinces border on, gross area kilometer of 12 thousand square. Among them urban area 457 square kilometer, total population 8.499 million person, administer 19 counties (city) area. Han Dan city is the State Council approves those who have local legislative " bigger city " the especially big city that exceeds 1 million with urban population. Have bigger inside disappear potential.

Han Dan city has northward adornment city, east luck of letter home, Fu is special 3 bigger pottery and porcelain trade the market, and a few lesser pottery and porcelain trade the market. These pottery and porcelain trade the promoted Han Dan ceramics development with very good market.
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