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Knife of accept rice pottery and porcelain appears on Jing De
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Pottery and porcelain is in the eye of a lot of people a kind brittle article, in recent years high technology ceramics is built went up to develop fast regular bus, of accept rice technology apply, make pottery and porcelain became the cutting tool that can rival with iron and steel, can contend for colourful watchband with crystal, gem. Opened the door in Jingdezhen city a few days ago child the knife of accept rice pottery and porcelain that big public house saw limited company of epochal accurate ceramics rolls out Jingdezhen. This kind of cutting tool is new material and modern science and technology the new product of perfect union. It has good tenacity, its hardness is next to diamond, wearability is the 60 times above of metallic knife. In addition, knife of accept rice pottery and porcelain still has the characteristic that metallic knife cannot be likened to, it goes out without metallic ion dissolve, without the metal not odour, rustily, can hold the primary colors raw ingredient of food, reflect the concept of health of contemporary environmental protection truly.

Still see in interview, a watch watch strap that uses high-tech pottery and porcelain to make is more more shining than metallic table. Accompanying the promotion that manufactures a technology to apply, watch of knife of pottery and porcelain, pottery and porcelain will walk into an innumberable families, pottery and porcelain expresses wear also will lead new trend.