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American development gives the technology of coating of accept rice pottery and
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American SOUTHFIELD message, that is in in more than 50 years of time in the past, electronic manufacturing industry and other industry use pottery and porcelain to be mixed as heat insolation all the time be able to bear or endure the first selection of attrition material, try to apply, the near future ceaseless progress as biochemical technology, the mankind can have used coating of pottery and porcelain to create a structure of unique metal of pottery and porcelain, with will reduce a metal - the attrition between the metal and wear away. Attrition is the expression of acting, also mean lose energy, very much mechanical drive is so other perhaps design as far as possible can reduce attrition loss, obtain the land of environmental protection eye of energy-saving the sources of energy then. Although this one principle is very simple, but not relaxed however to material finishing and the research that drop attrition system, the scientist passes the trial that optimizes exterior structure all the time afoot.

Be located in the United States to rest closely the CermetLab company of an Outhfield, it is a major make and of product of pottery and porcelain of distribute accept rice technical enterprise, also be a domestic general pottery and porcelain at the same time energy-saving plan is added into the company in material recipe. The exterior active that CermetLab is optimized through coating of accept rice pottery and porcelain and improves data can be mixed mechanical function, come true to achieve energy-saving goal through reducing attrition thereby. The product of this company " CerMet " , similar oil tastes use method and lube, add in component to wear away directly area can reduce attrition, increase lubricant, suit engine piston and air cylinder between lubricant. The carring capacity freight car that uses this product in correspondence and generate electricity in the test of equipment, the accretion that shows this product as a result can help equipment save 5 ~ the fuel of 15% .

A lot of labs and real test proved exterior modified is a kind of when reduce attrition very efficient way, can rebuild through this kind of method metallic surface micromechanism, reduce the attrition system of metallic stuff. American energy department also the intention that huge affirms coating of porcelain of Mi Tao of this kind of accept, think utilization rate of high-energy to carrying source mixes material of this kind of coating reduce specific power consumption to discharge wait for a respect to all have distinct effect.